Celcon (Hoechst)
Delrin 100 (Dupont)
Delrin 500 General Purpose
Delrin 570 Glass Filled
Delrin AF Teflon filled
Themocomp (LNP)
Ultraform (BASF)
Acetal is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer with a high melting point. It offers many engineering advantages
A high modulus of elasticity coupled with great strength, stiffness, and abrasion resistance are among the significant property advantages
The high-tensile strength and modulus of Acetal resin are effected very little by moisture content
Since moisture absorption is relatively low, the dimensional stability of close tolerance fabricated parts is excellent
To a great extent the premium properties of Acetal shapes are retained at elevated temperatures
Acetal parts can be used for continuous exposure to 185°F
The excellent combination of properties make Acetal ideally suited for mechanical parts and electrical insulators which need exceptional structural strength at above normal temperatures
Available in white and black
High modulus of elasticity
High strength and stiffness
Low coefficient of friction
Good abrasion and impact resistance
Low moisture absorption
Natural lubricity
Resists gasoline, solvents, and other neutral chemicals
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